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Mirrors of Mind Program

Starting a new year can be quite intimidating for some and finding the right balance to start a clean slate can even be harder. The reality of it is that new years bring a whole lot of pressure and stress for many of us, but the good thing is that with the right tools and guidance you will be able to grow through it. 

This is exactly what our Mirrors of Mind Program is here to do; help you use your unique talents and gifts to tap into your full potential! 

This program aims to bridge the gap between who you are right now and who you wish to be. And with 2022 just around the corner, there is no better time to start working on your emotional fitness than now!

This program will help you:

Overcome self-destructive habits

Discover and shift your focus to what you can control

Change your mindset to lead a healthier and balanced life

Bring focus, clarity and depth into your world

Become aware and learn how to hold yourself accountable

Emotional fitness is all about changing the way you think and react to whatever life throws at you. By training your mind, you are giving it the space it needs to grow, become stronger and in return transform your world.

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6 intriguing topics
to help you kick start your emotional fitness journey:

Your Words Create Your World

Do you know what words you use most often? Learn about the power of your words and how they can truly change your world.

Bad Habits Are Expensive, It Is Time to Save Up!

What are your unhealthy habits costing you? It is time to dig deep into your unhealthy habits and beliefs and learn how to overcome them.

The Art of Letting Go

Are you having difficulties in letting go of people, things, and the past? Then join us to learn how you can declutter your space mentally and emotionally!

Be a Goal Digger

Have you been finding it difficult to keep your goals in check? Do not worry, because you will soon learn the tools you need to set goals, stay on track and celebrate your progress.

Have the Courage to Start Something New

Do you have it in you to start something new? Change can be quite scary, and that is why we are here to help you have the courage to try new things!

Black and White Mentality

Are you hard on yourself like most of us, or are you normal? Learn about the harms that come with an all-or-nothing mindset and how being aware can help you lead a more balanced life.


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This program aims to bridge the gap between who you are right now and who you wish to be.

Emotional fitness is what separates you from those who gave up, so come join us and let us get you emotionally fit!

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Card Packages


January 2022
(Registration ends on December 30)


Mind training on Zoom
(Zoom links will be sent a day before each session)


12 people per session

Session Duration

1 hour

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