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the shock of my life
The shock of my life
In my early 20s, I was happy and healthy, ready to take on the world. Young and care-free, I had an active social life and a job I loved, counseling high school students. I was even lucky enough to satisfy my itch for traveling to exotic locales during school holidays. I didn’t have a care in the world!

But life has a way of throwing curveballs at us. In the spring of 2018, after a string of doctor visits to inquire about some minor chest pain and a constant flu, I received the shock of my life: I was diagnosed with advanced Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I was stunned. Cancer? But I was only 24 years old. There had to be some kind of mistake…
the shock of my life
Finding new truths
Finding new truths
Despite my disbelief, it was true. Within days, my idyllic life was completely turned upside down. I began undergoing aggressive sessions of chemotherapy. Instead of the gym and dinner with friends, I spent long, painful days at home. Because of the treatment, I wasn’t allowed out, and within weeks, I began to lose my hair. My 25th birthday was spent in the chemotherapy ward at the hospital.

Yes, cancer took a lot away from me. But healing from it gave me more than I ever could have imagined. Trapped indoors, my body attacked by this violent disease, I was forced to look inwards and, after much reflection and soul-searching, I found new truths.
Finding new truths
Befriending the beast
Befriending the beast
It was around then that I realized just how much power we have over our own lives, our own destinies, and it all goes down to our mindsets.

I learned firsthand that change truly starts from within; from the way we perceive things. I started by changing my words, and my thoughts soon followed. Instead of viewing cancer as an unwelcome beast, and myself as a “warrior” who needed to “fight” it, I befriended cancer, and it was through this mindset that I was able to not only overcome it, but to get the best out of it as well.

I was working on my emotional fitness before even knowing what it was! With time, I began seeing cancer as a blessing instead of a disease. A blessing that allowed me to find my inner strength, and to heal. To have my life back, and learn what I needed to do to make the most out of it.
Befriending the beast
Turning the bitter into better
Turning the bitter into better
Today, cancer-free and stronger than ever, I want nothing more than to share this experience with others. To let people know that they too can let challenges work for them instead of against them, so that they can move forward towards their best life.

I aim to help others develop healthy habits of the mind to become mentally and emotionally strong, so that they may overcome their own struggles and unlock their true potential. You can't spell ‘challenge’ without ‘change’, and that is why it is only through them that true strength and resilience are formed.
Turning the bitter into better
What about your story?
Now it's your turn, so what's your story?
I am passionate about inspiring and helping people focus on their own priorities and identify the obstacles that block them from achieving their goals. I enjoy meeting new people, hearing their perspectives and showing them how their mind can work for them rather than against them when dealing with all life challenges.

When I am not coaching, I enjoy sunset walks, playing squash, having a good read, salsa dancing, going on hikes, listening to my international music playlist and exploring new destinations!

But I would love to hear more about you. Are you living the life you want? Or could you use some emotional fitness as well? For more about what I do, be sure to check out my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab. If you’re ready for a session or would just like to explore (or even chat about your love for music!), please get in touch; I would love to hear from you!
What about your story?

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More About Me

I find additional joy in coaching the youth. My latest charitable project, Bloom, is a self-development program tailored to the young athletes at The Champ Camp in Al-Baq’aa Refugee Camp in Jordan. This program is designed to motivate, train, and inspire the young athletes through a series of interactive workshops that aim to unlock their full potential.

​​In addition to my work as an emotional fitness coach, I have a deep passion for public speaking. Over the past year, I have conducted a number of motivational and inspirational talks, including three TEDx Talks, “An Unforeseen Friendship with Cancer”, in English and “Emotional Fitness & Overcoming Challenges” and What is The First Step to Success?” in Arabic. Having personally overcome severe life challenges, I am impassioned to raise awareness, hope, and positivity through public speaking and inspire people to change. 

I graduated with honors in Biomedical Sciences from King’s College London, after which I earned a master’s degree in Management from Imperial College London. In 2020, I completed my training as a life coach from Adler Graduate Professional School in Toronto, Canada. A lifelong learner, I keep up to date and continually seek to enhance my knowledge with online courses and other activities. I am currently a member of the International Coach Federation.

My Certifications

Certificates from global organizations

Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification

Six Seconds (2021)

Adler Trained Coach

Adler Graduate Professional School (2020)

Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential​

McMaster University (2020)

Positive Psychology: Resilience Skills

University of Pennsylvania (2019)

Coaching Conversations in the Context of Work

Adler Graduate Professional School (2019)

Foundations of Professional Coaching

Adler Graduate Professional School (2019)

Moving Towards Artful Coaching

Adler Graduate Professional School (2019)

My Personal Beliefs

Sharing some thoughts

We all have different values and areas that
we cultivate to lead better and more fulfilling lives.

Some of My Values:

Personal growth
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